Stainburn Black Spring Clean

The steps of Terror in their clean state

Terror! (the steps thereof)

It’s that time of year again!  Last year a bunch of the Stainburn Trail Crew regulars took the Warren Boulder Trail by the scruff of its boulders and gave it a cleaning it would never forget.  Finding lost trail, redefining the line and giving a few bits of loving repair where it was needed to bring the most technical trail in England back to its former glory.

To make sure trails are kept in this condition, and help them last as long as possible we will be doing the same again for the next month.  Starting on the 10th of April evening sessions will be brushing and raking the trails in preparation for what can only be a better summer than last year.

These sessions are a great way to demystify what is a hugely rewarding and addictive trail to ride, and great introduction to trail maintenance.  The first session is April 10th from 5:30pm working from the car park to the slab, tools are provided.  If you’d like to get involved details of future sessions will be posted on the Stainburn Trail Crew’s Facebook Group.  If you would like to get involved please request to join, this group is for trail building topics only, not general discussion, but anyone wanting to join the trail crew is welcome.