Mar 19

A polite request.

Stainburn has recently experienced unauthorised and destructive activities and these have now escalated to a point where it has become a real concern. We must ask that no-one take it upon themselves to remove, modify or add trail features unless at a SingletrAction Dig Day. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 03

2 Dogs, 5 Kids and 13 Adults

We are ready to roll

We are ready to roll

So what do you get with 2 dogs, 5 kids and 13 adults an unbelievably great dig day. It’s been a long while since we have had such a large turn out for a dig day at Stainburn, and its was quite surprising given the rather poor weather forecast. Drizzly showers first thing followed by lots of cloud and then heavy rain from early afternoon. But no one was put off and we were soon heading off to the red climb.


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Feb 13

All because one Sunday I happened to get out of bed…

Boots and gloves

Pretty much all you need to lend a hand.

I’ve been feeling particularly sentimental about SingletrAction just recently, and Stainburn in particular. It is my local trail and it is my playground, both for riding and trail-building. Also, its pretty awesome and I just happen to feel particularly proud of that right now. No reason, I just do.







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Feb 02

Two sites in one day

It was a great day at Stainburn for the February dig day, the weather was quite frankly spectacular especially given the time of year, several people ended up working in T shirts. We also had a great turnout with 13 people and 2 dogs turning out to make their mark on the trails.


Ok that berm needs to be bigger

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Jan 19

Lot’s of new tools at the Dalby dig day

breakieThe first dig day of the year at Dalby and it turned out to be quite memorable for several reasons. Firstly the weather was fairly miserable particularly early on, but it didn’t put a dampener on proceedings. Secondly it was a great turn out with 14 volunteers opting to get wet and muddy building trails when they could have been getting wet and muddy riding their bikes.


After a bit of breakie in the court yard café it was time to start fettling and building the odd trail feature. We got on with fettling the end of section 17 clearing the drains and the plan had been to finish the surfacing but it was just too wet.

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Jan 09

St Ives Update

000_2920We’ve had further correspondence with BMDC and unfortunately no progress has been made on cycle trails in St Ives Estate.
The lead Councillor with the portfolio for parks, woodlands, leisure etc met with Friends of St Ives in December to try and negotiate some sort of compromise with them. The outcome was that no compromise could be reached at this time and that the proposed MTB trail development requires further consultation. To progress this, it has been agreed that a Management Group consisting of key St Ives stakeholders will be reconvened. SingletrAction will be invited to represent MTB cycling.
Tim (STA Chairman) and I have talked and decided SingletrAction will stick with the Management Group process through 2014 and try to influence the process to a successful outcome.

In the short term, nothing will happen. It’s a huge disappointment that we still can’t even finish the Heather Park trail, but never say never.
Thanks to everyone who turned out to digs and an apology that your efforts have so far gone unrewarded.

We’ll be posting updates after meetings and as and when anything occurs.

To end on a positive note, we start trail building with York City Council this weekend at Rawcliffe Country Park if anyone from the Leeds/Harrogate area (or anywhere else) is interested in joining us on Saturday and/or Sunday 9am to 3pm.
We also hold regular trail building days at our Forestry Commission venues at Stainburn Forest (Otley), Dalby Forest (Pickering) and Guisborough Forest (Guisborough)


Nov 30

Yorkshire Water Swinsty Trails

Yorkshire Water have been pretty good in the past for opening up permissive bridleways, though they have shied away from offering shared use of footpaths on their land. But they are still ahead of many with their embracing of mountain biking. They took another big step this year when they invested heavily in a new 1.2km bike trail along side Fewston reservoir in the Washburn Valley, North Yorkshire.
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Oct 25

What is Gnar, What is Flow – pt. 1 The Gnar


One of SingletrAction’s regulars pontificates on the jargon, and the meaning, of mountainbiking in an effort to answer what at first seemed a simple couple of questions – What is gnar, and what is flow?

Part 1 – The Gnar

First things first. Us mountain bikers have silly names for things…

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Oct 07

Stainburn October dig day – An Indian summer dig!

More rock arriving

More rock arriving

What a fabulous day up at Stainburn for the October dig day in fact it was almost too warm, but who is going to complain at this time of year. It was a small crew this month just a 4.1 people turned out so we decided to concentrate on completing the new black rock section on the decent line.


Before you ask the 0.1 was Dave who turned up with a bad back and slightly hung over, medicinal apparently to ease the pain in the back, so he was only capable of poking out a drainage channel and taking a couple of photos on his phone to prove it, but every little helps as they say. Unfortunately he didn’t bring the gillie kettle so no brew at lunchtime!


We started by pulling all the rock out adjacent to the trail and dumping it in the dug out trail bed that had been started several months ago now. This was carefully re-arranged into the latest awesome Stainburn rocked up trail. We also started eyeing up a very nice ‘feature’ rock, it was the only thing left, that we thought would make a very nice entrance to the trail.


The rock to be moved, notice how much was below ground

The rock to be moved, notice how much was below ground

Unfortunately it turned out to be twice as big as expected and probably weighs close on two tonnes. It remains in-situ until such times as we get the manic gleam in our collective eyes and it will be moved, not sure how far but it will move. It does now have a moat and drainage channel down the back but that’s another story.


So it was back to barrowing rocks from the remains of the wall over by the plantation and it is surprising how much can be moved in a day by a dedicated crew of idiots sorry I should say enthusiasts. We estimate about 10 tonnes in total all of which was pitched and locked into the new trail. All that is left to do now is finish the run in on the corner, something for the November dig day if the weather plays ball.


The stump feature at the end of the new section

The stump feature at the end of the new section

But that was not all; we excavate a drainage ditch that was well and truly overgrown in the hope that this will keep the water table a little lower and we re-engineered the run out to incorporate a new ‘feature’ over a stump that was encroaching from the side of the trail. All in all a great day although I think we will all be feeling it for a few days afterwards.


You will be pleased to know we left this new section in a ridable state and would welcome your comments and feedback. But before you say anything it is Black, you have been warned, now get your bike out and enjoy.

Sep 16

Singletraction Chainless Challenge the video from Take it Outside Films

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