May 29

It’s all about the winning!

Some people say it’s not the winning that’s important, it’s the taking part that counts, and they are partly right.  Because if you don’t take part you’ve got no chance of winning.

But it’s still all about the winning! Especially when you’ve got a chance to win a Jedi skills session with Tony Doyle at UK Bike Skills.

If you want to learn more checkout al the details here.

May 20

Taking Back Stainburn Black

Warren Boulder Trail has a reputation. It is a reputation forged in blood, bruises and brown trousers. It is a reputation for Rocks. But sitting as it does in the thick Stainburn Forest this 2004 trail has been slowly but surely reclaimed by nature. The lines have slowly changed and migrated, the aggregate surface lost under years of pine needles.

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May 16

Film Premiere – Strength in Numbers & The Dudes of Hazzard.

Do you and your loved one (your missus, not your bike!) wanna see Strength in Numbers for free?


Thanks to David Gould, if you are a fully paid up member of SingletrAction, you have a chance to win 2 ticket’s to see the film premiere of Strength in Numbers & the Dudes of Hazzard at a choice of two cinemas.

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May 10

Warm an’ Dry

Ever been riding and your feet get soaked?

You want to ride the next day and your shoes are still damp and cold?


Don’t you just hate it when that happens?  I know I do…


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May 10

Sublime Rides

Most of us don’t join SingletrAction for the discounts, but they do come in handy sometimes.  Especially if like me you’re not particularly good at riding and are in the market for a skills course.


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May 10

Hardworking trailbuilders

So it seems that you lot must be looking badly in need of a holiday…


Recently two companies have been in touch to offer our members a discounted chance to get overseas for some great riding 🙂

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May 02

We must be doing something right!

Last night as I flicked through a magazine something grabbed my attention….  No it wasn’t one of THOSE magazines, but the latest copy of MBUK.

With the magazine this month there’s a guide to Britain’s 50 best trail centres, so I thought I’d have a look at what’s on offer.  As expected there are pages for the big guns that draw in the crowds like Dalby and Llandegla, but what is really good to see is there’s also other pages for smaller trails like our very own Stainburn.


We must be doing something right to have two SingletrAction sites in the guide.  Have a read and see what you think Here.



Apr 23

On two years of Trail Building.

Boots and gloves

Two years ago, give or take, I first rolled up at Stainburn with a spade, some gloves, lunch and a thermos full of coffee.

A bright early spring day with frost on the the ground. Standing on the ridge looking down at the hillside I wondered if I might be early. I appeared to be alone.

Then, far away below I saw one solitary, burly figure, striding across the hill, swiping viciously with a machete at either plants and vegetation, or, more worryingly, nothing at all. Continue reading

Apr 21

Dig for a Fish – Update

Fantastic prize alert…We are now at the halfway stage in the race to win yourself a set of Troutie’s wonder lights.At the last count, Yorkshire’s Light Meister was hitting 2600 lumens of night ripping power. So who knows what Autumn 2012 will reveal!! Continue reading

Apr 05

New Dalby trail

We’ve just heard some great news from Forestry Commission via our friends at Pace.  There’s to be a new section of trail built at Dalby. Hurrah!

So the route has been finalised, the funding is just about in place and it’s even got a name.  With kids and families in mind It’s been designed to be a multi-user trail replacing the existing green that currently has to use the forest drive as you come into Dalby.

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