Jan 20

Crossing over to Norwood Edge

We all know how tricky it can be to cross over the busy road to Norwood.

Sometimes it’s down right dangerous crossing over to the natural trail, not only for people on their bikes but also for motorists, who suddenly find a load of people in the road.

The local council and Forestry have asked that for safety reasons could cyclists using the unofficial cleared lines in Norwood Edge please access the forest from Stainburn Moor car park.

Dec 17

Barrow Load – Issue 1

This has been a while in the making but we are pleased to share with you the first issue of the eNewsletter from SingletrAction.

We hope that Barrow Load will become an interactive way for the organisation (membership/supporters/friends) to share news and information, the content is not exhaustive but is more a pick ‘n mix of news and activities.

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Dec 17

Pro Ride Guides 2012

Ever ridden at Stainburn? If you have, the odds are you’ve probably seen SingletrAction supporters and sponsors .  You’ll know it’s them as they’re quite handy on bikes and kindly offer our members a discount. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 12

Woodland Plan Consultation

Bradfords woodland survey needs some rider input.

If you want to improve cycling opportunities in the Bradford District and have got a few minutes spare head over to the website and do your part.


Nov 30

Darkness Decider – By Jase


What’s dafter than racing your bike down the Descent Line without a chain – how about sticking your chain back on but doing it in the dark!After a recent SingletrAction group buy of the latest Hope R4 lights, as sure as eggs is eggs, the logical conclusion was ‘Mates Night Race’. Ok, Race is pushing it, it was more of an excuse to sneak out on a Monday night for a blast & completely lacking in any prizes.

Nov 25

SingletrAction has it’s first Subscriber!

Just when you thought SingletrAction had gone as far as it could go by joining the hi-tech world of Paypal, we have only gone and added the choice of an automatic Annual Renewal!! Lord only knows what will be next…

So if you’re renewing your membership in the near future, look out for the annual renewal box. It will be one less job for you to do next year, woohoo, more riding time :)

Big up to Steve & Libby for their hard work.

Nov 23

Flat Out Fit – By Libby

I am not competitive.

I like to do well for me but I never really knew what my potential was or in fact is. I had a go at a small triathlon in July and did ok; it was for charity and I did it for fun; I could’ve come last and I wouldn’t have minded so long as I wasn’t severely incapacitated at the end….which I wasn’t – the day after though was another matter!

Anyway, there was a defining moment when I thought “I know what I’ll do, I’ll get fit”. It happened one afternoon in the car park at Stainburn Forest – I guess that’s the impact that place has!

I have been cycling properly for about 11 years; by properly I mean without reflectors, baskets and spokey dokeys and, if I do say so myself, I don’t do bad but I knew I wasn’t at my best.


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Nov 22

Pace Cycles Demo Day – Whinlatter

TO ALL YOU FAIR WEATHER RIDERS…WEATHER IS LOOKING GOOD THIS WEEKEND…If you are in the lakes this weekend or fancy a trip out, come and see the Pace Cycles Demo Day at Whinlatter Forest this Saturday from 10-3.

They’ll have their full 2012 Pace fleet with them available for demos, which if you order a frame on the day you will also get 1 free service on shock/fork or 20% off a Trailside Pace Self Catering booking.

Purchases are available through 0% finance and various Cycle to Work schemes.

Please remember to bring I.D (see poster)



Nov 07

Dig for a Fish

Last year we did did Dig for a Pig and one lucky trailbuilder rode away on brand new Ragley Piglet donated by Hotlines & Brant Richards.

This year Troute & Smudge have got together to donate next years newest, high powered lightset.

This year its the Darkness-Dominator at 2600 Lumens. Who knows what nightslayer they’ll have developed by next year!

You, lucky SingletrAction trailbuilders just have to turn up and dig. Each trailbuilding day attended gives you a name in the hat. We will draw the prize next year in time for the winter season.

So come along to a dig for a chance to put your riding buddies in the shade.

Nov 07

SingletrAction would like to welcome on board Troutelights

If you spend too much time on Singletrackworld like me then you can’t have failed to have heard of Troutie or Smudge.

Over the last couple of years Troutie has been pushing the boundaries of LED technology to bring upgrade kits to mountain bikers, allowing them to adapt old lightsets to newer  LEDs. Lights without batteries are not much use and that is where Smudge steps in providing power solutions to match the lights.
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