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Hit the Hills

Two great offers in one week! Christian at Hit the Hills is offering our members a 10% discount. Hit the Hills provide catered mountain biking weekends across the U.K Good food, a decent bed and awesome mountain biking. Go on, treat yourself…

Gisburn Forest Visitors Opinions

The volunteers up at Gisburn have been hatching a plan to develop a small visitor hub at Gisburn Forest. If you are one of the many people who visit the forest Martin would like to hear what you think. If you can spare a few minutes it would be a great help if you could …

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Yorkshire’s Great Outdoors

SingletrAction are now featured in the latest promotion of mountain biking on the Welcome to Yorkshire website.  Not only is there a nice little article about the trails available, but there is also a brief explination of some of the good work SingletrAction does and two videos with some familier faces to boot. To see …

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Chase Trails – Lottery Awards Support

Chase Trails, the lovely volunteer trail builders responsible for such Midlands gems as “Follow the Dog” and “Monkey Trail” at Cannock Chase need our / your / anyone’s help to get money out of those Lottery people. Read on to find out what you could do ….

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Membership Drive 2011

Mountain biking has seen some major changes in the last 15 years. As people have got more leisure time and money it’s meant more people with bikes, and more riders looking for trails to challenge themselves and enjoy. There’s been the advent of “trail centres”, dedicated MTB playgrounds with challenges and facilities for all abilities, …

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Ragley at Stainburn Trailbuilding Day – Sunday 5th June

At some point during the day Brant Richards (chief bod at Ragley) will be around to present the Blue Pig frame to Nick, following the last 12 months of the ‘Dig For Pig’ draw – that’s the reward for the hard work given freely by the army of SingletrAction volunteers. It’s likely he’s going to be …

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Pro Ride Guides – Gisburn (30 April 2011)

Pro Ride Guides took four of us on a skills course a couple of weeks ago at Gisburn Forest. What was it like? Are they worth the cash? Read on to find out.

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Proposed windfarm development at Hamsterley

Whatever your opinion is of either Hamsterley or Windfarms this news piece is for you.

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Dig For Pig Winner!

After 12 months of hard work amounting to 1350 hours of voluntary work put in across all of the SingletrAction projects, one lucky trailbuilder will soon be taking home a brand new Ragley Blue Pig Frameset.

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Pro Ride Guides Discount

Pro Ride Guides are a mountain bike coaching and guiding company set up by brothers Joe and Alex Rafferty, based in Harrogate but operating all over the UK, including local spots such as Stainburn, Gisburn and Hamsterley. They’ve been out riding (a lot) and helping the build (sometimes) at Stainburn.  They like what we do …

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