Forestry Panel need your input.

Despite the government scrapping its plans back in February the future of our forests still isn’t certain.  As some of you will already know the panel set up to advise them on the future of forestry and woodland policies doesn’t have any official representation from the mountain bike community.

There is still hope though as the panel have been given their Terms of Reference which requires them to be “engaging and taking evidence from the widest range of views and interest”. 

The article here on singletrackworld explains more.

Pump track world tour

Ok, so maybe calling it a world tour is a teeny bit of an exaggeration, but our plan was a simple one, visit and ride three pump tracks in a day.  After months of planning we had decided on Skelton, Scarborough and our very own Dalby tracks.

I awoke at 5am on Saturday morning like a big kid on Christmas day, excited and eager to see what the day would bring.  Finally the big day had arrived but before I could go anywhere I had one important job to do first….
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Celebrate Our Forests Day – Sunday 20th March

Cyclists, walkers, riders, ramblers and dog-walkers Unite!

Everybody has their our own opinions when it comes to access and what land should and should not be used for, despite some differences of opinion nothing has brought together so many groups in recent years as the coalition Government’s plan to sell off the publics forests.
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Stainburn Trail Building Day 6th March by Jase

I don’t even think about crawling back in today because Iam determined to throw the bike in the van and grab a blast down the Descent Line before the dig begins.

I make the car park for 8.45 so after giving some Stainburn newbies some ‘which trail first’ advice I take the Red to the top of the DL.
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Dalby Trail Building Day February 20th

Finished.  Completed.  In the Bag. Put to bed.  The Pumptrack is done.
On a typically cold and damp Dalby winter Dig Day, seven volunteers turned out to put the finishing touches to the forest’s first Pumptrack.  Nothing can start on a Dalby Trail building day without first visiting the Treetops for a Monster Breakfast.  
Once the matter of fuel for the day has been fettled, it was up to the forestry workshops to meet Stuart Startup.  Once again Stuart has come in on his day off to provide the pickup and trailer we need to get the surfacing materials up to dixons.  All hands dug in to load the trailer in record time, and off we set through the forest roads to deliver the cargo.
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Jan-Mar 2006 More Discounts for Singletraction Members

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