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Are you ready?

  Are you ready for Chainless Challenge 2015? We are! Find out more on our facebook page

Feedback :)

Another great bit of feedback for Stainburn today, seems to be the day for people popping their Stainburn cherry! Anyone else going up for the first time this weekend? Why not bob on to our facebook page and leave us a message or send us a tweet about your experiences on the trails.

Stainburn Dig Day

Another dedicated crew out today at Stainburn and a bit more re-aligning of the red/black climb happened. I don’t think it will be long now before its completed,

It’s Back! Chainless Challenge III confirmed.

We are very pleased to announce the third Stainburn Chainless Challenge will take place on 25th April. So save the date, and find a pump track to get some practice in. As with last time online entry will be via British Cycling. Entries open on March 1st.

Coming soon! The Chainless Challenge is BACK for 2015

Coming soon… the return of our regular event showcasing the trails at Stainburn. The race that proves that peddling only slows you down… The Chainless Challenge is BACK for 2015. Details coming soon.   Follow on facebook to get the details super quick.  

Dig day at Dalby

A slightly different dig day at Dalby today. We started with breakfast as usual but followed up a Health and safety talk for the FC very informative. But then it as back to section 17 normal service resumed.

Dogs welcome at our trail builds.

Angus the trail building dog was once more on hand last weekend, but this time he was making himself useful and weighing down some Terram kindly donated by Clixbys Trail Builders while we laid it out in the trail bed. There’s no-one we can’t find a useful job for in the cause of building better …

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Stainburn Dig day.

Awesome! dig day at Stainburn today. We arrived and my god it was cold but this afternoon was just stunning. The revised climb from the bottom descent line extension is now open. But loose until it settles but definitely open. See more on our Facebook Page  

Late Xmas gift for Stainburn and Guisborough

Huge thanks for Forestry Commission for the late Xmas present of matching piles of Aggregate and Stainburn and Guisborough. They always get us just what we’ve been wanting. You guys!!! Additional thanks to Stuart for organising and overseeing delivery! Now lets turn that heap into trail!

Guisborough January Maintenance

Just a quick report for today’s snowy maintenance day. It was crisp underfoot as we headed up to Les’2 & 3 this morning, but soon after arriving the snow started to fall. As we worked we could feel the ground getting harder as the frost set in further. Aim of the day was to clear …

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