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Chairman: Jeremy Sainter (aka Jez)
Email: chairman@singletraction.co.uk

Vice Chair: Tim Sellors (aka Cheeky Monkey)
Email: vicechair@singletraction.co.uk

Treasurer: John Light (aka UnkleHomer)
Email: treasurer@singletraction.co.uk

Secretary (inc. Memnbership): Giles Rogers
Email: secretary@singletraction.co.uk

Merchandise Paul Hopwood
Email: shop@singletraction.co.uk

Webmaster: Steve Boyd (aka Boydie)
Email: webmaster@singletraction.co.uk

Lead Trailbuilders at Active Sites:

Stainburn – Johnny Light (aka Unklehomer) Email: treasurer@singletraction.co.uk
Rawcliffe – Craig Smith (aka Knacker) Email: knacker@singletraction.co.uk
Dalby – Tom Thompson
Sutton Bank – Jeremy Sainter chairman@singletraction.co.uk & Johnny Light treasurer@singletraction.co.uk

At Old Sites:

Guisborough – Dan Pattinson Email: trails@mtbguisborough.com
Buck Woods – Craig Smith (aka Knacker) Email: knacker@singletraction.co.uk
Wharncliffe – Simon Mander, however due to local issues we are not currently active in Wharncliffe
Silton DH – Ed Thomsett

You are welcome to contact the relevant person in the first instance.

Before you email, we may of answered your question in our FAQ (clicky!)
If you have a general enquiry and aren’t sure who you need, please contact the Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary. Between them it should get sorted out.
We welcome submission of relevant news, activities, offers and adverts, these should be sent to our press officer news@singletraction.co.uk.