Feb 05

Dogs welcome at our trail builds.

10426205_928725610501640_3462574225268210721_nAngus the trail building dog was once more on hand last weekend, but this time he was making himself useful and weighing down some Terram kindly donated by Clixbys Trail Builders while we laid it out in the trail bed.

There’s no-one we can’t find a useful job for in the cause of building better trails! Come along to one of our digs see how you can help!

Feb 01

Stainburn Dig day.

995051_926256380748563_1635532144664898884_nAwesome! dig day at Stainburn today. We arrived and my god it was cold but this afternoon was just stunning. The revised climb from the bottom descent line extension is now open. But loose until it settles but definitely open.

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Jan 30

Late Xmas gift for Stainburn and Guisborough

10931306_924940884213446_6905003676272248821_nHuge thanks for Forestry Commission for the late Xmas present of matching piles of Aggregate and Stainburn and Guisborough.

They always get us just what we’ve been wanting. You guys!!!

Additional thanks to Stuart for organising and overseeing delivery!

Now lets turn that heap into trail!

Jan 18

Guisborough January Maintenance

Just a quick report for today’s snowy maintenance day.

It was crisp underfoot as we headed up to Les’2 & 3 this morning, but soon after arriving the snow started to fall. As we worked we could feel the ground getting harder as the frost set in further.

Aim of the day was to clear drainage and do a little patching up of braking bumps. I also wanted to guide riders onto the correct line, as they seem to be riding down the drainage channel at the side of the trail at one point.

Blocked Drainage Channel

Blocked Drainage Channel

We cleared the channel and lined the trail with some rocks to make it more obvious which way the trail goes. Its all about getting your line right into the drop before it, if you want to keep your speed.

We cleared some more drainage and then proceeded to fill a few braking ruts at the first drop. The ground was pretty frozen by this point and covered with snow. As a result I didn’t take any after pics, as there wasn’t much to see.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Les'3 Holding Up Very Well - No Work Required

Les’3 Holding Up Very Well – No Work Required

Many thanks to today’s volunteers, Dan for bringing up the tools, and diggers, Gary, Lindsey, Ram, and nice to meet 1st timer Graham.

Jan 18

January Dalby dig day

10917133_916987791675422_6309210624381612435_nA great turnout and fabulous day. We got stuck into the decent in Section 17 and its now quite different. Easier line on the left and there are now 3 steps on the right, hopefully something for everyone.

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Dec 14

Guisborough December Dig

Today’s dig saw us heading back up to Les’1 to try and make a little more progress. With a small team of 4 we decided to work from the bottom up, since pushing the wheelbarrow up the muddy bank is challenging at the best of times. The surface was rather slippy today, after a few days of frost has thawed out. We firstly decided to scrape the slop off the bottom berm and get some armor down on that. We put down a nice thick layer which will hopefully hold up.

Bottom berm

Bottom berm

Ghille Kettle in action

Ghille Kettle in action

We also managed to make use of the Ghille Kettle this morning too. It really is a great piece of kit for making a nice hot brew on the trail side.

So post brew we continued to work up the trail. I wanted to get rider coming into the berm on the ‘correct’ side. Its a left hander, so ideally you need to enter on the right of the trail for the best flow. However due to the condition of the trail a lot of riders are being forced over to the left, and then having to cut across the entry of the berm. This has caused the bankside to erode and dragged lots of soft ground into the berm, which was holding water and making a real mess. So with that in mind we have put in an armored line from the centre of the trail back across to the right, to give a better entry into the berm.

Looking up

Looking up

Looking down

Looking down

There’s obviously still a bit of work to do in order to link up with the work we have done further up the trail, but we will get there eventually.

Many thanks to today’s volunteers, Gary, Dan, and Tim.

Nov 09

Patching Up Les

Last month we began work on finishing the bottom section of Les’1 which unfortunately Clixby’s ran out time to complete. The existing line was straight and very slippery with mud. We added an extra corner with the intention of adding more as we worked our way down the trail. Unfortunately some small-minded individuals decided they didn’t like our work, and 2 days later ripped it out, to reinstate the straight line. This was done so they could launch off a set of steps that Clixby’s has added. The ironic thing is that is Clixby’s had finished the trail, there would have been a huge right hand berm in the landing zone, so the steps would only have been rollable. On another note whilst we were working today, the majority of riders actually took the line we had put in. It’s so frustrating that a few individuals ruin things for everyone else.

Anyway onto today’s work. Obviously we had to repair the mess that the idiots had left, which had become a sloppy wet mess. In order to keep things simple the plan was to reinstate the original straight line. We removed the armouring we had laid last month, and used it to create a line around the slop, with a drainage channel underneath. A few rocks here and there and the line was sorted. A few test riders passed through as we worked, with one club member even jumping off the steps and hitting the line perfectly.

Working further down the trail I wanted to make sure the drainage was improved and keep as much water off as possible. We added a channel to the left and armoured the trail on the right. A little further down a rock step was added for some interest, and the drainage then diverted across the trail into an existing drain off that was added by Clixby’s. We will continue this theme down the trail, to hopefully create a more durable, and more importantly safe line down the trail. The current rutted, slippy, muddy mess is far from safe for less experienced riders.

At the bottom of the section there was a bit of a gully forming in the work that Clixby’s had done, but due to a lack of drainage has become wet and soft. We rebuilt the ground up and will added some armour next time.

Anyway thank you to today’s volunteers, Andy, Dan, Gary, and myself.

Here’s the pics:

High quality trail fairy work =/

High quality trail fairy work =/


Straight line =S


The section left to complete


Gully filled


Added step & drainage

View from above the steps

View from above the steps

Sep 28

Go Snake

Carrying on from our evening session a couple of weeks ago, we cracked on with adding some curves to the ‘Black Track’ today. We had a few returning members join us today too which was great to see. Bill, Matt, Lindsey and Gary all coming along to get involved once more.

The felling is still taking place on sections of the trail but it seems to be a little hit and miss where he is working, but the section we have been working on has no trees left so by that observation I’m considering the work complete. We have therefore taken the opportunity to add some flow to what was a very straight, but fast section.



Bearing this in mind we didn’t want to kill the speed element too much, so changed our original idea a little. We reduced the size of the curves, which also meant we weren’t building into the really soft ground too.

We started by clearing the organic material from the surface until we hit the solid ground below, which fortunately wasn’t too deep. From here we built up with crushed rocks, dusted with some reclaimed aggregate from the original trail, and finally capped with a nice layer of new aggregate.

There's solid ground under here somewhere.

There’s solid ground under here somewhere.

There were some challenging roots to remove along the way, but most of them proved no match for the Silky saw.

Whilst the guys were busy building new trail Lindsey raked off all the felling debris from the rest of the trail. It’s now much clearer, reducing the risk of sticks in wheels and mechs.


Taking shape

Taking shape


Latest Trailbuilding Tech, sticks!

The old line is invisible now

The old line is invisible now









The whole area is nice and open now the trees have gone, with some good views across the forest. The only downside is that you lose the sense of speed whilst riding, without the trees whizzing past.

Nearly there

Nearly there





Job done. Now to see how it settles in.

Job done. Now to see how it settles in.


A really productive day once again. Many thanks to the team today for their hard work, and to Sean for suggesting the idea in the first place. Cheers Bill, Matt, Sean, Mark, Lindsey, Gary and Andy.

Next stop will hopefully be Les’1.

Sep 12

Guisborough Evening Session

We held our 1st evening trailbuilding session in a long time last night. The hope was to get some new faces along as lots of people claim not to be able to make a weekend dig due to family, work, etc. There were no new faces. So a crew of usual suspects cracked on with some repair work from felling along the ‘Black Track’.

Where's the trail gone?Looking betterOne contractor has already been and felled over the Black Track, but they didn’t fell the gulley section of the trail. Another contractor has now moved in to do this. However he doesn’t appear quite as considerate to the cycle trail as the previous crew. We have been along and cleared branches and loose debris a couple of times now to keep the trail going. This isn’t a major issue, more of an annoyance.

One section of the trail has taken a bit of a beating where the machinery has rubbed out the trail. Fortunately it was only a short section which we managed to clear, and hopefully guide riders in the right direction.

With the route now clear and some work done on our armoured section at the end of the trail, we moved backward towards Highcliffe, where we would like to add some more interest to the trail. The section runs fairly straight until it reaches a small drop. From here it hits a left hand berm, but then its a straight run to a corner, followed by another straight run. Our plan is to add some flowing curves to these sections to make it much more interesting. So with that in mind we set about adjusting the existing berm, making it a little tighter, to flow into the next flowing curve we have planned.


New bermAdding FlowIt was actually a really nice evening to be up there working, reasonably warm, no wind, and a bit of sun. We started to mark out the new curvy line, and will continue at our next evening session on the 25th September, and again on our next weekend session on the 28th.

Hopefully next time we might get some fresh new faces to feed in some more new ideas, and put their mark on our trails.

For now thanks to Andy, Sean, and Ram for their work. Its really nice to be adding new features to the trails, and with the work currently being done by Clixby’s on Les’1 its happy days at Guisborough.

Aug 10

Guisborough August Maintenance Day

Its August but that’s not scaring the rain away. With possible storms due for this months dig day a few people were put off coming along. In the end it was just myself and Sean, but as always I was suprised at just how much we got done. Due to the lack of volunteers we were forced to focus on clearing the rampantly growing vegetation and a bit of clearing the trail.

The recent logging on the Black Track has done no damage to the actual trail, but it was littered with loose bark and sticks. As there are less trees the grass has really shot up next to the trail so we started by cutting the edges around the rock steps on the first section of the Black Track. We then worked our way along, cutting back grass and brambles as we went. We raked off some of the loose bark and checked some drainage.

Black Track - GuisboroughI only remembered to take one picture so there it is.

We eventually got to the end of the Black Track and tidied up the loose rocks. We will get back to that section before winter hits and finish it off. Just after the rocks we removed some overhanging branches, so the whole trail should once again be nice and fast.

We then had a wander over the new section we will be starting soon, and discussed some ideas. It is a nice long section of trail and there are loads of options.

The undergrowth was also taking over on the Secret Path Climb, so we hacked that back as we made our way up to the fallen tree over the rooty section. This was easier to remove than expected so the roots are once again clear, opening up all the lines.

By this point the rain was coming down so we made out way back down. Huge thanks to Sean once again. Im sure our efforts will be appreciated by many, even if they dont realise it.

Next months dig day will not be the 2nd Sunday (14th September) as we will be at the Guisborough Forest Festival, hopefully signing up some new volunteers. I’m hoping to maybe reschedule for the 28th September, at which point harvesting should be finished over the new section.

As always thanks to Orange Bikes for there continued support. By default Sean wins this months raffle prize.


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