Wetherby Bike Trails Project

In 2016 SingletrAction joined forces with a group of passionate riders in Wetherby who were looking to improve the riding options for rider young and old in their area. The area between Leeds, Wetherby and Harrogate has over 100km of natural XC trails, already designated as bridleways, which thousands of people can access without needing …

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Dig Day Essential Information

My First Dig Day Never been to a Singletraction Dig Day, what will it be like? A bunch of super buff, weather beaten outdoorsmen talking ‘bench cut this’ and ‘angle of dangle that’! Not even close (well apart from super buff…) Simply put we are a loose collective of bikers who feel passionate about riding …

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Description: Directions: Pictures: Downloads: Weather: Trail Map: Sponsors, People and Thank you’s Dalby Forest >> Forestry Commission site Bike Trails Information >> Forestry Commission site Things to do at Dalby Forest >> Forestry Commission site

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Description: Three trails plus a small Pump track. The pump track was one of the first in the UK and has had years of heavy use and is in need of repair/rebuild which is planned for later in the year. Don’t be put off with the short distances of the trails, they are designed to …

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Description: There is only one official trail within Guisborough Woods at present: the old black route that has had many years of wear and tear. This route is now in the process of being re-graded as red by the Forestry Commission and the members of MTB Guisborough are working alongside SingletrAction to repair, upgrade and …

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Buck Wood

An Urban Skills area on the outskirts of Bradford. Buck Woods consists of a collection of jumps and drops for the beginner through to the advanced plus a hand crafted pump track. Description: Buck Woods is a large oval with jumps for all levels from beginner to expert. Think tabletops / doubles rather than those …

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  Description: Wharncliffe Woods is a steep and rocky wood situated on the Northern fringes of Sheffield. It has been home to an underground downhill scene for a number of years and is famed for its super technical rocky drops and being the training ground for Steve Peat. The wood is also popular with the …

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Other Projects

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sutton bank work area

Sutton Bank

Description: Singletraction (STA) has been approached by Gez Marshall the ranger in charge of the trails at Sutton bank ( to get involved with trail maintenance and we think it’s a great idea. It puts STA in touch with another major land manager the North Moors National park and will add another set of …

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Trail Specs

Trail Specifications Aims & Objectives The creation of a top-level recreational facility for wide cross section of users.The creation of a challenging “premier” MTB facility, able to draw enthusiast &highly experienced level mountainbikers, whilst still being enjoyed by moderatelyexperienced mountainbikers The systematic provision of increased off road, and where possible off forest road access within …

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