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The history of SingletrAction

Coming soon,,,, but as a teaser of what’s to come

Something’s been bugging me since I joined the motley crew of diggers, that I now call friends, up at Stainburn.

The Red Loop was in place but needing some special Stainburn features & the Warren Boulder Trail was long since finished.
My first glimpse of the mind **** that is the WBT was on foot with my then girlfriend, now long suffering wife and our dog, Murphy. I was pretty new to the modern mountain bike at this point and as we struggled to walk the obstacles on the trail I truly wondered if people actually rode this stuff!!

Fast forward to now, and on a good day, when its dry as a bone, I’ve had the right amount of caffeine and there’s a full moon, I can ride everything but Hovis corner and the seesaw (maybe this year…).

So what’s bugging me?

SingletrActions history, that’s what’s bugging me!

For a start, who built my personal hell, the Warren Boulder Trail? Where did it all start? Who kicked the whole thing off?

Seemed to me, it would be a crime, if the very people who created this wonderful thing that is SingletrAction, were somehow forgotten.

Rather than me trying to tell the tale of our illustrious history, I’ll leave it to the pioneering folks that kicked it all off.

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